Thin Film/High Resolution XRD

Bruker D8 Discover A25

Description: Minimum booking hours: 6/12 hours and booking hours must be in multiples of 6/12 hours. Sample characterizing temperature Range: Room temperature, Measurement: Thin film applications like High-resolution X-ray diffraction (HRXRD), X-ray Reflectometry (XRR) and Grazing incidence diffraction (GID).

The instrument is used to thin film samples. This technique gives information not only about the geometry and size of these repeating structures, but also the quality, orientation and thickness of the films being probed. Being a non-destructive technique it can be used on the most precious of samples with high level of reproducibility.


Rotating anode Copper source
Maximum operating power: 50 kV 100 mA
Optics: 2 bounce monochromator (Ge004), Global mirror and auto-rotary absorber.
Detector: LYNXEYE_XE, Scintillation counter with TRI-optics.
The centric Eulerian Cradle integrates Phi and Chi rotations and X-Y-Z translations into one sample stage. All axis is motorized and can be used for positioning as well as scanning.